House Hunting (2013)

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HOUSEHUNTINGGenre : Thriller | Mystery
Starring : Mark Singer, Art LaFleur, Hayley DuMond
Imdb Rating : 4.8
File Available : BluRay 720p | 1080p (by request)
Subtitle Available : Indonesia | English

Charlie Hays, his daughter Emmy and his second wife Susan follow a lead on a foreclosed house Charlie wants to buy. It’s a seemingly perfect and beautiful home on 70 acres of private land. He also wants to use this as an opportunity for Emmy and Susan to get along as, neither likes one another. Meanwhile, another family; Don Thomson, his wife Leslie and their live-in son Jason, who has suffered a broken leg in a car accident, meet a man in a red hat who gives Don an advertisement on the same house the Hayses are interested in. Finding it too good to be true, they too make the trip out to the house. Once both families arrive, they find the house abandoned. Charlie and his family go to the road to retrieve the realtor’s phone number and on the way back nearly strike a distraught girl named Hanna running across the road. She is severely traumatized and her tongue has been cut out. The families decide to take her to the hospital, but to their shock find themselves coming back to the house again and again. Don refuses to give up but by nightfall, his car runs out of gas. They decide to stay in the house, despite the Hanna’s pleading not to enter.

Once inside, they find firewood and cans of stew that account for each one of them; seven cans for seven people. Despite the arguments that ensue between Leslie and Susan, the families decide to stay and wait for help. They remain for one month, while recordings on the house tell them that only one family will claim the house. Cabin fever and close quarters have everyone on edge until Susan spurns a cheerful Leslie for being too happy. As the tension mounts, the house inexplicably begins providing six cans instead of seven. Reminded of her daughter Lizzy who had previously died, Leslie falls into a deep depression and kills herself. After this, Susan learns that the house had been foreclosed on by Charlie himself, and Emmy begins seeing visions of the man who had killed his son due to the death of his wife and soon after Charlie and Emmy begin seeing visions of her mother, appearing before them with her throat slashed. Charlie confided in Emmy long ago that her mother had left them, but Susan seems to know more. Following clues by the mute girl Hanna and a puzzle, Emmy nearly makes it back to the road by walking backwards, but she is interrupted by Jason who tries to attack and rape her. Hanna strikes him with a log and he impales himself on a branch; Don who has slowly begun to fall into madness talking to a man who appears to be himself pulls Jason off but he begins to suffer shock from blood loss.

Jason, after being terrified by a vision admits that he killed a woman in a hit and run accident, not far from the house. They discover that it was the same mother who once lived in that house. Don leaves on his own to travel to the road by walking backwards, leaving the Hayses tied up to prevent harming Jason. He returns that night admitting he found the road and starts to free them, but Susan, fearing him, attacks and kills him with an axe. Afterward, the house stops providing food for them and Charlie begins losing his grip. At the house, Jason is attacked by a vision of the mother he had killed and is choked to death by her spirit. Charlie snaps after learning from a vision of himself, that Susan told Emmy that he had killed her mother and made it look like a suicide (though she told her that she’d committed suicide). After suspecting Susan of stealing their dwindling food supplies, he attacks and kills her by crushing her head with the soup can. He goes after Emmy, wanting to kill Hanna thus break the trap keeping them there, but Emmy and Hanna run. Charlie gives chase and kills Hanna, Emmy shoots Charlie with Don’s gun and runs as he struggles and dies.

Running to the road, Emmy comes across another family and they bring her into the car and drive back to the house. Emmy panics, watching the family go chasing after the man and his son who had haunted her own family before she is pulled into the car by the man and her tongue is cut out; starting the cycle again.

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